Gary Barclay is a leading manager and educator in the areas of sports management, sporting performance, athlete development and personal improvement. 

Gary has the leadership, business and communication skills, the high performance sport experience and the management credibility to be very successful in key executive positions within state and national sporting organisations. 

His unique experience managing coaches and athletes in high performance sport as well as leading one of the country’s most successful sports organisations in the position of CEO has provided him with a unique skill set.

Key skills include strong communication skills, high level planning, analytical and reporting skills, and extensive experience in the areas of staff and financial management.

Gary has managed many elite athletes including Olympic Gold and Silver medallist swimmer Brooke Hanson, multiple Paralympic Gold medallist and world record holder Matt Cowdrey and World Champion triathlete Emma Carney. His knowledge of junior, age group, senior and elite sport provides him with the background and experiences to motivate sports people of all levels.

Gary also enjoys public speaking and his ability to inspire people of all ages is a testament to his speaking prowess and ability to design presentations to the audience he is speaking to.

The feedback received from Gary’s personal development presentations, whether it be to business professionals, sporting coaches, athletes or administrators, or school and university grade students has been outstanding.

His core message to today’s youth is to take responsibility for your actions and to make the right choices.  To more mature audiences Gary looks at leadership and how to be successful in your job and in life.

Gary also has a real passion for sport and the education of parents to ensure they provide appropriate support to their children.

Gary’s first book Swimming for Parents has been a runaway success, with rave reviews from parents, coaches and swimmers from all over the world.  While many sales have been in Gary’s home country of Australia, sales are continually growing in many countries including the USA, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Sweden.  Gary has also co-authored an eBook titled Nutrition for Swimmers.

Involved in multiple sports including the coaching of athletes in swimming and basketball, he is well known in the sport of swimming following years of working and volunteering in the sport.  To find out more about his involvement in swimming go to

Gary also presents widely at Swimming Conferences all over the world.  He is a regular speaker at the Australian Swim Coaches and Teachers Association Convention each year and was recently a key note speaker at the New Zealand Coaches and Teachers Conference and the Skane Swimming Conference in Sweden.

To enquire in regards to having Gary speak at your next Conference, Convention or Business Luncheon please email

About Swimming for Parents

"Swimming for Parents" covers many different facets of swimmer development and how you can provide support in a variety of situations.

This book is unlike anything you've ever read..

This book will change the way you support your child.  It will provide you with strategies and make you aware of different situations you may find yourself in.

There is so much more to swimming than winning medals and doing PB’s.  Discover the many wonderful ways that swimming will assist your child to develop physically and mentally, as well as the many life skills they will enjoy for ever.

This book has been written for parents of new swimmers, junior swimmers and age group swimmers up to the age of 18 years. It also provides valuable information for parents of State and National level swimmers.

To my knowledge there has never been published a resource such as “Swimming for Parents” available to the parents of swimmers.

Leigh Nugent
Swimming Australia National Head Coach 2003-2004 & 2010-2013

Swimming For Parents - Swimming Guide for Parents of Competitive Swimmers -

Swimming for Parents



The Swimming Expert - Gary Barclay


Nutrition for Swimmers

Swimming is a great sport for people of all ages

Swimming for Parents will reveal the answers to the questions below:

How many times each week should my child train?
How many competitions should my child take part in?
What competitions should my child compete in?
Is technique more important than laps swum?
Should my child play other sports or focus on swimming?
Why is that other child beating my child?
What strokes or events should my child focus on?
Why has my child stopped improving?
Why has my daughter put on weight when she is training so much?
When will my child swim well again?

... and Much More!

create the best environment for your child to achieve swimming success!

By reading Swimming for Parents you will also learn:
  • How swimming benefits the development of all participants in a variety of ways both in the pool and throughout life.  You will be amazed at the large variety of life skills learnt by an active participation in the sport of swimming.

  • Why attending training on a regular basis is so important for children aged 10 to 13 years and how many sessions should they be doing.
  • How to manage your child through the age competitive level of 13 to 18 years and what they will focus on at this stage of their development.
  • Why teaching independence to your children is critical to their development and can also help them perform in the pool over the long-term.
  • That within a defeat in a competition, there is often a victory and how you can support your child to embrace and learn from these situations.
  • Why swimming successfully is as much about time management as it is about training hard.  The skills your child learns in time management when juggling all their training, school and social activities will assist them for the rest of their lives.
  • What the key responsibilities of a parent who has a child who is participating in swimming and there are many.  Parenting is one of the most difficult and challenging jobs in the world and being a parent of a swimmer can provide additional challenges.

Swimming for Parents

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